Mending /Upcycling /Remaking works

Thank you for making a conscious choice to be here.

In Wabisabi, we believe nothing goes to waste. 
It's our mission to upcycle/mend/remake as many apparels with our creative minds to embrace the life of your apparel

Still, deciding which apparel to mend?

Take a deep breath. Take your time, scroll down to our previous projects, have a sip of coffee and clear your mind on how Wabisabi can guide you.

Click these link to read their mending stories

01 & 02 Blue dove dress
03 & 04 Who will comfort Toffle dress
05 & 06 Who will comfort Toffle necklace

01 Thumbelina "*" stitch linen top
02 Alice in Wonderland lace top
03 & 04 Tiger go picnic drawstring bag
05 & 06 Black sheer dotted dress

01 & 02 Purple star dress
03 & 04 Mending the whites
or shop for
Vanilla white embroidery ruffle blouse
05 Hexagon crochet bag (coming soon!)

01 & 02 Remake story: White and black swan bracelet
03 Ling's suitcase
04 Fixing a bamboo bag handle 
05 Upholstered project for Grassroot Bookroom

Our needles and threads are always ready to serve some broken apparel. Contact us to make that first conscious move to have the one and only hand-crafted apparel that serves you.