Mending story: Mending the whites

When I deal with pre-loved, they come in all sorts of conditions for me to figure creative solutions for each apparel. That was also one of the reasons why I fell in love with my job, as I see each garment as my teacher who further enhances and improves my mending skills. 

Vanilla white embroidery ruffle blouse

Vanilla custard flower embroidery pencil skirt

Cloud cream knitted cardigan

My previous training as a fashion designer had prepared me with a brave mindset to start everything from scratch and also to have the courage to take clothes apart and put them back until I get it right to my personal standards. 

Even being involved in the sustainable fashion business is a way of completely reversing the cycle of fast fashion, and the same mindset is similarly applied to my working process. My decision to leave fast fashion and to begin turning fashion waste into treasure is a conscious choice that I've made these past years. 

I guess it is about time for Wabisabi to provide a new service - 4T's("T"urning "T"rash "T"o "T"reasure) to encourage you to remake, mend and re-design your old (garment) friends. If you have any apparel which you wish to salvage, do feel free to write to me at

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