Know your fabric: natural fibre

I see fabrics as our second skin, and it's important to understand something that is always so close to our body. 

Do you know what fabric you are wearing? It's easy for most people to get confused because there are too many types of fabric that came in various names, some of which you have never even heard of.

In this post, let's talk about general fabrics that are commonly used in boutiques. In general, there are 3 types of fabric which consist of natural fibres, manmade fibres (also known as synthetic fibre) and mixed fibres, like 70% cotton + 20% polyester + 10% nylon.

Today, let's focus on the varieties of natural fibre. There are 2 main types of natural fibre, plant fibre and animal fibre (refer to the chart below)
The fibres which are collected will be spun into yarn (continuous length of the interlocking fibres). The ready-made yarn will then be weaved into textile. 

From plants/animals --> fibres --> yarn/thread --> weave/knitted --> textile/fabric.

The weaving process is one of the most magical acts to turn yarn into a fabric that can be used for anything. Warp and weft are the two basic components commonly used in the weaving process. Warp is the one that stations in the frame or loom, and the weft is the filling yarn that moves in and out to create a piece of fabric, one thread at a time. 

In life, a warp is like what we are born into, and a weft, which is filling the yarn, is a tool for us to weave our preferred life journey. We might not be born with what we yearn to have, but by knowing that we could have the ability to achieve what we wish, will definitely change the way we think. I really like how Misao Jo explained this process so beautifully, in connecting us with what we wear.

No matter natural fibre or manmade fibre, I believe that every strand of fibre will serve their purpose if we know what, where and how we wish to use them for. Characteristics of each listed natural fibre is provided, in addition to the right temperature for ironing.

If you are also wondering about fabric care, I am in the midst of sharing them too, so let's digest these sharings slowly, one at the time.

ps: Info on manmade fibre is coming soon - next Thursday.