Mending Services

Mending/ Repairing/ Remaking/ Upcycling services

What we wear is driven by our personal choice. When you purchase specific items, you are subconsciously saying "I agree" with the outfit which was offered by the selling company.

Then, you bring your "new friend" home and allow it to be your second skin to tell your personal story. We refer to someone who is close to us and understands us well as BFF; a favorite garment function similarily, which adheres close to your skin, and comforts you when need it to be there. While mass production encourages us to buy more and buy new, it also pushes us to dispose "past best friends". 

In Wabisabi, we provide options to stop you from disposing of "your precious best friend" into the landfills.

If you are having a garment that is/ has:
• Outdated
• Stained
• Color run
• Wear and tear
• Damaged
• Holes
• A sentimental item from a loved one
• Heirloom

To Wabisabi, the entire process of mending is very meaningful and emotional. Each "best friend" tells a different story and needs a different approach, just like you who is unique as you are.

Let us walk you with our step by step mending service guidelines to see how we can work together to turn your unwanted apparel to that one and the only piece which you can treasure for a long time to come.

*Read our testimonial to see what our customer say about our work 

Still, have doubts about how our mending services work? 
No worries :)
We've got you covered in this post: Mend to Last
We believe our client deserved a post that is dedicated to our mending services

*Everything you need to know about our services is clearly stated in this post with reference photos to provide you a better idea of what to expect. 

It's time for a positive change. For those who intend to give away, you can now have another option to mend or redesign the outfit. 

We are looking forward to hear from you, wrtite to us when you're ready to make that beautiful change.

Best friends are "mend" to last :)
Waee Waee