From trash to treasure

This relentless treasure hunt of salvaging post-fashionable clothing from landfills and thrift stores began my journey of rescuing the unwanted.
There have been countless hours invested in seeking them out yet it has brought me so much joy to re-discover that they are each one-of-its-kind and unique on its own.
The process is unbelievably tedious, and sometimes the task can include digging (with your bare hands) amongst a mountain of unwashed clothes, smelling nowhere near crisp and freshly ironed clean clothes.
Being physically sitting on an actual “mountain” of dirty clothes, many times, I do not even want to imagine what’s below my bottom, and you can be considered really lucky if they are neither wet nor damp. 

But the ironic part is, I immensely enjoy the entire process from the digging to the intensive post-cleaning of these treasures again and again and again… till when the salvaged clothes are clean, fresh, mended and ready to wear, and I finally see the fruits of my labour.