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The beauty of slow

Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out... (do this exercise for 30 seconds before you continue reading)

Slow is the opposite of fast.

Slow a luxury to have, in a busy city like Singapore.
When you live in a city which emphasizes efficiency and productivity, things need to be fast, I mean really really FAST. This collective movement of fast is influencing everyone who is living on this tiny island because collective thoughts are always contagious. Although you wish to avoid joining the race, you somehow are subconsciously drawn into one.

Is it possible for someone like me, who lives in a city, to find a sweet balance between the fast and the slow? And how will that be possible?

I separate this fast concept into two aspects:
1. Things which I have no control of
2. Things within my control

What do I mean?
When I see someone talking or walking with the speed of a rushing bullet train - these are things that I have no control and shouldn't control.

How should I react to that pers…

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