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  Dear Friends, How have you been? I've taken a longer time than usual to consolidate my content for this month. This is a special month for me as it is my birthday month and it also marks my 41st year of footprints on Mother Earth. If you happen to have your birthday also in September, Happy Birthday to you too :) "Harvest" from nature In 2021, The mid-autumn festival (中秋節) falls on 21st September where it's the day when we reunite with our family and "harvest" the brightest full moon of the year. It's a special day to reconnect with our loved ones and celebrate our hard work which began at the beginning of the year.  Harvest on Wabisabi seeds This month has also been a month of abundance for me as I begin to harvest more and more positive feedbacks from friends who supported Wabisabi.  As the owner of Wabisabi, I am truly grateful for the people who are generous with their words and to let me understand their shopping experience with Wabisabi (you know

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