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Moving forward x natural dye

Dear friends,
Do you have dreams that you think it's impossible to achieve?
If you have been reading my blog from the very beginning, it's been a year since I started updating on a weekly basis.  For those who did, I would like to give you a big virtual "hug" and thank you for your epic presence :) If you just found out about my blog today, I'll also be happy to give you a welcome "hug" to welcome you to this place where you are able to connect with unlimited sustainable ideas.
1 year prior, I had wanted to try blogging weekly to see how it feels like, and a year has passed and I know clearly that weekly blogging does not work for me. So, from now on, I will do it once a month to publish more in-depth topics instead of just rushing something out every week and at times trying just too hard to ensure I have something to post (which was against why I started Wabisabi). I wish for this blog to be a safe place for the readers to rejuvenate and reconnect with n…

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