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If you can't fly, let's walk

Dear friends, How was your day? It's been a month and moving forward, I will be updating my blog once every month (every first Thursday of the month) .  Today is Nov 5th, 2020, marking the longest 8 months that I've stayed in Singapore without returning to my hometown. It had crossed my 6-months threshold and I needed to figure something out to maintain my sanity and keep myself "inspired" with what's already available in Singapore. What will you do when your travels are limited?  My first excursion in Singapore was to experience the intertidal walk-in on St. John Island . After that refreshing experience, I was eager to scout for nature addresses in Singapore to "kill" my boredom.  I was curious about what other hidden gems would lie out there besides the well-known Night Safari and the Gardens by the Bay. Singapore is a very small country which you are able to cover by car in about 50 minutes. Therefore after much thought, the most ideal way for me per

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