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Hello Friends, It's been a month since the last time we met (in the blog). How has your new year started off? Have you decided on what type of seeds to grow in your own garden? If not, you can read my previous post:   LIFE CYCLE OF TREE: SEED to give you some guidance and to get yourself motivated! I have a total of 5 seeds (goals) which I want to grow in my garden of knowledge. This month is a seeding month, which I will build up my foundation one step at a time to allow something to grow. Here are some updates on what I did to journey towards my humble goal. 1. Gift wrapping Gift wrapping gave me so much joy and I want to do it in a "guilt-free" way that will not cost much wastage to our environment. When I googled for eco-friendly/ zero waste wrappings on the internet, I found similar material and wrapping ideas. This gave me an idea to start a platform that provides several ideas with mixed medium items found at home and from leftovers to create a greener wrapping. 

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