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Movies that change the world to a better place 1/2

Dear friends,

How are you lately? What are the 2 favourite things you do when you stay at home?

Mine include movies📹 and books📚 

Today it's the 15th day since Malaysia declared the lockdown of the country. Although I am staying in Singapore, on ordinary days (which I have taken for granted), I will travel to Johor Bahru twice a month with my husband. Away from the busy city like Singapore, it has been the nearest hideout for me to "breathe". 

Without travelling for more than a month, I had spent most of my spare time reading books and watching movies related to mindfulness, living in the moment, sustainability, spiritual and many more which guide me and remind me of my first intention, and to create my brand, Wabisabi.

So, here I have a list of 10 movies/documentaries which I am highly recommending if you too would want to fill your thoughts with mindfulness.

1a. Little Forest Spring/Winter
1b. Little Forest Summer/Fall
A very beautiful movie about a girl named Ichiko moving f…

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