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A date with nature: St John Island Singapore

Dear friends,
It's been 3 months that I've spent most of my time doing just my work at home. And it gets very very boring for someone who enjoys doing nothing in expansive nature.
Last week, my tour guide friend, Jan, invited my husband and me to an intertidal walk at St John Island with his nature tour guide friend, Karen. You can't imagine how excited we were to be presented with this opportunity to be close to nature again! And having the company of a nature tour guide, and meeting a new friend, is simply priceless (by the way, this is also our very first trip to St John Island, double excitement!!)
With 30 minutes travelling time between Marina South Pier to St John Island, we arrive at about 9:30am on weekends and about 10:30am on a weekday.
If you're interested to make your trip to the intertidal walk like us you can engage an experience intertidal tour guide or sign up for NParks free intertidal guided walk when COVID-19 pandemic is over.
To explore other parts of St…

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