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Color Story: Down to Earth

Dear friends,
Happy belated New Year and X'mas to all of you. It's the first week of New Year 2020, and I wonder how you celebrated your New Year? Has it been different from past years? Have you achieved what you wished to achieve? 
For me, I've been sick prior to X'mas till now, resting and drinking a lot of water seems to be the best remedy to recover my lost energy. Although I have to admit, I do not have the feeling of 0% energy because that means that I am unable to take care of myself like how I used to be. Looking at the bright side, at least my body is trying to work very hard to detox whatever that does not belong to me. It's time for me to let everything go and just rest, rest and rest.
When my friend felt sorry for me falling sick, I would tell them that it's part and parcel of being alive. Isn't it so? 
After 2 consecutive celebrations, have you set your new goal for 2020? If you don't know how to begin, you may tune in to my favourite podcast i…

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