New Launch: The Farmers Chapter 2/2

Dear friends,

The last chapter of The Farmers collection is finally out. Compared to the previous chapter in warm colors for celebration, this collection is filled with a colder color palette to maintain a calm and peaceful mind to welcome a brand new year. We've listed a few Second Life items which are mended with characters and are also practical art pieces for you to give away to your special friend. In addition, we also added 12 types of tiny celluloid flower pins that were made in the 1950s in Japan. These pins may embark with you on a new journey or with your friends for the next 12 months. 

All items are now available at our store.

We hope this collection will prepare you for more growth and greater adventures in your life chapter. Our shop will remain open until 1st Feb 2022. Thank you for helping to spread the seed of Wabisabi. It's been a colorful journey for both you and me.

Keep on growing,

Waee Waee