New Launch: The Farmers Chapter 1/2

Dear friends,

We play plenty of roles in our lives, and for me personally, a girl, a daughter, a sister, a student, a girlfriend, a heart breaker, a worker, a wife, and now an entrepreneur who wishes to become a farmer.
I adore farmers who can with their bare hands, turn a piece of wasteland into a never-ending food supply. It is honest, grounded, and sustainable. Through their daily labor, they learn how to observe and stay connected to nature. When it is year-end, they harvest their crop with great gratitude and are always grateful for what is given, season after season.  For us who stay in the urban jungle, Xmas is a special day to remind us to put a halt to our busy schedules and celebrate (our own harvest, be it sour or sweet), to flashback on what we've been through throughout the year. Or perhaps, it's the right time to plan what to grow in 2022.

List of things that will generate your ever-flowing interest
List of things that will give you peace of mind
List of things that will help you to grow
List of things that will help you to stay young at heart
List of things that will make you smile

What will it be?

For this particular collection, we are bringing back the joyful colors that remind us to always stay curious for hidden opportunities when welcoming our next chapter. We also selected a few pieces of homemade items from the past to remind us that our hands can create wonders if we have patience in everything that touches our lives. In addition, we also offer some very unique and rare finds from the 1950s (kindly browse until the end of the lookbook to seek out these precious finds) for those who are always looking for something "special".
The last chapter will be available at 2pm (Singapore time), 4th December 2021. 
I hope these tiny seeds that we receive from farmers will give you renewed hope and wisdom to celebrate the new year and to look forward in growing your own farm sanctuary.

Farm from within your heart,
Waee Waee

Thank you for taking the time to go through the entire lookbook. Now, it's time to head down to our Etsy store and enjoy your green shopping.