Hello friends,

Happy Belated New Year :)  Welcome to the final post of Life Cycle of Tree - Spread the Seeds.

Did you celebrate your new year differently this year? What types of seeds did you plant in 2021? What have you decided to plant in your garden soul for 2022? 

It's the first month of 2022, the month where most people set goals to become a better version of themselves. I did the same thing previously (last year Jan 2021) and shared the progression of my personal goals: gift wrapping, natural dye, needlework, and illustration monthly.

Moments to share: 
What I have learned in 2021?
It's been a year of documenting my 2021 journal and I thank all of you for traveling with me on this journey.  Looking back on where I began a year ago, my biggest takeaway was getting to know myself a bit better on monthly basis. I enjoy taking photos to share my monthly story and I struggled big time when it came to writing. Even when I was crafting the storyline for this post, stress never seemed to leave me alone. A bit of discomfort, a bit of excitement, to share and put together a bittersweet recipe for closure to 2021. 

Will I do it differently?
When I planned to blog about my 2021 journey, I forgot to include 2  important aspects in my 2021 schedule, myself and Wabisabi shop. I neglected my self-care and shop launch aside as I really wanted to keep to my goals. I began with 5 personal goals at the beginning but ended with 4. If I could do this again in the near future, I would start small and keep to 2 goals to have more breathing space for my personal life and to fulfill my shop's orders. Taking about orders, I had been receiving huge support in 2021 and I sincerely thank every one of you for trusting in Wabisabi.

What is the benefit of documenting?
I find the action of documenting very mind-blowing. 
My mum once shared a very inspiring quote "When you're on Mount KK, you won't be able to see the full perspective of Mount KK.  Yes, documenting regularly would help you to see a wider perspective of "you" but when we are too immersed in our daily routine without having a break, we wouldn't realize the minor steps we've achieved to make us who we are today. I believe that each of us has our own blind spot and we can "discover" our weaknesses through the beauty of journaling

Here's the final update of my personal 2021 goals below. Even as this project has come to an end, I will still continue this tiny habit of journaling on my own.

1. Gift Wrapping

In December, I finally completed 365 eco wrapping ideas, and I hope these ideas will provide you some inspiration for greener alternatives to gift wrapping.

2. Natural Dye

Pink is my favorite color. To obtain a vivid pink dye, the use of cochineal will always be my first choice. This bug is traditionally used in color dyes, food colorings, and cosmetics because of its vibrant hue of red. Following closely as my alternative choice would be the unknown lilac petals which can be found in my neighborhood and pink jasmine flowers from local wet market.

Wrapped with baking paper, these wraps are ready to bundle dye for an hour

Adding one more leftover - eucalyptus from @wabisabi.wrap gift wrapping project 

Loving these shades of pink 

3. Needlework

Mending a missing pom-pom on a crocheted tissue box. Trying a few pom poms to see which one matches. Which is your favorite?

4. Illustration

I like to work with tiny illustrations, keeping a journal like this will help me stay organized with all my random illustration work.

The last 12 months of the Life Cycle of Tree are available here. This series will walk you through, one month at a time, to guide you in your tiny habit of journaling. Dedicated to you my friends, all who wish to begin with a slightly slower and gentler pace, to be a better version of yourselves. 

My shop and I will be taking a long break beginning 1st Feb 2022. Thank you for staying until this far, I wish you all the best in the year 2022.

Bon Voyage to you and me,
Waee Waee