Mending Story: Purple Star

Dear friends,

It's almost the end of Chinese New Year, how did you celebrate yours?

In the lunar calendar, this is the month of giving and reconnecting with your loved ones.

This year, as usual, I spent most of my CNY at my hometown Malacca. Ever since my grandparents passed away, I felt like a lost child who had no clue where I will be visiting next. No more reunion dinners like we used to have, I guess this is called the cycle of life. 

A part of me was feeling relieved to have more time to spend with my friends and immediate family, at the same time, I do miss talking to my grandma and enjoying her home-cooked meal. 

I wonder how are all my loved ones are doing on the "other side" of the universe? 

Perhaps in years to come, these special days will fade like an ordinary day, but if you can remember the essence of this celebration-reconnecting and giving, you can always carry it in your heart, no matter where you are.


It's been a while since my last post.

A purple stars dress was mended 2 years ago, which was my 2nd mended dress after the Blue Dove dress. This is one of the dresses which I had bought for embroidery purposes. It was then in perfect condition. I have no idea how old this dress was, as it left no sign for me to trace. Judging from the design and fabric, I would assume it was born around the year 2000 or earlier.

As I began with my "star" embroidery with sewing thread, the lace started to fray little by little. And I realised that I had to switch to plan B. 

A big part of the sleeve was mended with vintage laces to secure the structure of the lace. And the "star" embroidery was removed entirely because the sewing thread started to turn furry after one wash. So, I attempted again with DMC thread and it worked perfectly. I want to adopt the essence of the idea from M.C Escher optical illusion painting when birds slowly transformed to fishes. I adapted a simpler version on this dress by using "star" signs within flowers and slowly transforming them solely into flowers.

M.C Esher artwork via

I enjoy documenting my creative process and organizing them nicely with clean graphics. And I did it with this series too, to showcase my mending process for the purple stars dress. Long hours of working was spent to merge everything together, and I hope you will enjoy browsing and reading about them. Do share it with your friends who enjoy the process of transformation.

The Purple Stars dress is now available for sale. Click on my Etsy store if you wish to bring her home.

Have a wonderful New Year,