It's a totoro (green) wrap: how to wrap like totoro

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I've yet again engaged with another happy customer who conveyed her kind words which brightened up my day. As an entrepreneur who dived into the world of sustainable fashion, it wasn't an easy path where references could be retrieved with a click of a button; every step was a new step into an unknown world. Yes, sometimes it scares me too and the only strength that pushes me on right now, are my big dreams in making a greener change for the fashion industry and for mankind. It has been my child-like mind which fuels my endless curiosity to explore alternatives for a healthier Mother Earth. 

In my personal life, I started to practise biodynamic farming at my friend's place (btw, his name is Sam). And I started to collect seeds of fruits and vegetables to grow on his land. Last week, I gifted 2 biodynamic tomatoes to Sam, which were wrapped using a using an interesting mix of 100% organic/biodynamic + biodegradable + recycled + cute materials.

I will be sharing wrapping ideas inspired by my all-time favourite animation: My Neighbour Totoro

Animation photos via my neighbour Totoro movie

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It's a (green) wrap 01
It's a (green) wrap 02: Inspiration

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