Mending story: Ling's suitcase

Dear friends,

Months before, I received my very first upcycling project from a vintage collector/seller friend - Ling. She had a blue vanity suitcase, which she adored the colour of the outer case but unfortunately, couldn't feel the same for its torn and stained inner lining. So, I received my very first commissioned work to upcycle a vintage vanity case. 

I carefully cleaned every part of the case before I began this project. It was an exciting project to begin, as this is my very first-time figuring out how to dismantle a vanity case. This will also provide me with a brief idea of how it was made.

Tearing away the old lining was very easy but it took ages to clean the surface as the stubborn glue left large unsightly stains behind. I attempted to use an alcohol wipe to remove the glue stains and still could not entirely remove them. Leave me a comment if anyone has an effective way to remove these glue stains.

Measurements were taken to customize a new lining with pockets to add an organizing feature.

Attaching the lining to the surface was the most challenging process, and it trained my mind to be observant of my mistakes and breaking old habits, to get things right.
Now, it's time to assemble everything to its original form.

Ta-dah! I managed to complete my very first upcycling project and created a practical and girly vanity case for my client. She was such a very happy client, that she decided not to sell but to keep this for herself.

"Waste isn't waste until we waste it."

Treasure the one in your hand, embrace it and make it last.

If you any items which you wish to upcycle, you may contact me at

Happy embracing,