Wabisabi cleaning story

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered why cleaning such a big thing for WABISABI?

Feb this year was the first year launching my sustainable fashion brand, Wabisabi. It was a painstaking 2 years to prepare behind the scenes. And the 2 major things which I've invested most of my time was learning how to create a website and hand-cleaning all the Wabisabi apparel (yes, one apparel at a time). After 2 years (now), I've managed to clean more than 200 apparels, some succeeded, some screwed up... haha... until I found a way (see below illustration) that worked well for me.

The self-drawn illustration shows my process in sourcing from all around Malaysia, which I considered as the most exciting part till the apparel is ready to be sold. For most of the preloved, second hand and vintage items, they are extremely difficult to trace where these apparels are from. The number of bacteria and mould would easily trigger my eczema if I were to wear them without cleaning. Therefore, cleaning them thoroughly is crucial, for it will not only be kind to human skin but also "ready to wear" as soon as its new owner receives them.

To be more environmentally-friendly, I've tried various types of eco-friendly laundry detergents and tested some natural methods from local housewives on how to clean in a less harmful way.

I am still working on improving my cleaning skills and knowledge, so feel free to share yours below in the comment if you have a better idea on how to remove stubborn stains, yellows spots and funky smells.

Happy cleaning :)

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