Second Life Greater Life《重修旧好》: Exhibition PART 2/2 (from 23rd Feb-24th March 2019)

In Celebration

Goodwill will not lead you towards earning big cash, but what you receive in return is the journey of unconditional giving, with a belief that you too can help this planet to be a better, kinder place, one step at a time. 
Special thanks to Noreen, Jimmy Phua, Tako, Alan, Hui Xin, Eugene Teo, Serene Wong, CC, Ren Yu, Yong Xin, Hao Liang, Cindy Lee and RJ paper who secretly contributed behind the scenes.
To my fellow friends and strangers alike, who came and supported this exhibition, thank you very much for believing in us :)
photo credit: Alan Ooi and CC 


We attempted to bring sustainable lifestyle closer to everyday life, to ordinary people like you and me. Sharing ideas and discussing deep thoughts have the magic to motivate like-minded friends to join us in this movement.
As a newbie organiser, I would be thrilled to receive any feedback or constructive comments from you (yes, it's you :) ) on how we could improve or your honest thought about this exhibition or what you will wish to see from us in the future or just a simple "Hello" will let us know someone is reading this :)
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