Second Life Greater Life《重修旧好》: Exhibition PART 1/2 (from 23rd Feb-24th March 2019)

After 4 months of working on the Second Life Greater Life project, we managed to turn trash into treasure and pieced everything together for the exhibition. With the tiny budget of $50 Singapore dollars as part of the challenge, we created the opportunity to rediscover the potential uses of TRASH.
Time and space were the key ingredients. When we live in a fast-paced city, we think fast, walk fast, talk fast, eat fast, thus the rhythm of life does not allow us to have our own time and space to even think, so where does all our trash go? 
Through the exhibition, I realised that no matter how difficult the task would be, if we gave ourselves enough time and space to consider, we will have the superpowers required to transform trash into many good uses.
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
- Lao Zi
Although it's been 7 months, I still want to thank everyone who had worked diligently behind the scene to make my very first sustainable exhibition a success.  
Our previous post mentioned about the profiles and the sustainable stories behind all artists.
Tako collected her kitchen waste - a hot chunky salsa sauce glass bottle and turned it into a multi-functional pin cushion holder. It holds pins (while simultaneously decorating the dress) and keeps your sewing threads clean and tidy
Dorothy book stand, made from used poster cardboard and defect doll parts
Used wooden spoon is transformed into a series of quirky hand mirrors
 Lifestyle storyboards about Alan and his mobile-home back in West Malaysia
Dried corn+bamboo stick = smoking pipe (handmade by Alan)
Handmade leather goods by Alan is now available at Grassroot Bookroom
3 types of handsoap by Noreen in the shape of the grand Fuji Mountain, made out of food waste: eggshell, coffee ground, and ash. If you look closer, even the shape of the tiny mountains was created with disposable plastic egg cartons. Egg-san and Ash-san are now available at Grassroots Bookroom till stock last.
This ingenious packaging for the handsoap was salvaged from leftover sandwich paper
WEAR was my selected topic for this exhibition, which consisted of all clothing and accessories which were previously used, broken or defect. As this collaboration was with a local indie bookstore, I customized every piece with elements of a classic childhood storybook, finished with a local twist.

to be continued at Part 2...