Second Life Greater Life《重修旧好》: Behind the Scene - Poster Making

When we agreed to set the budget of $50 Singapore dollars for each artist for the exhibition, I had no idea how we were going to stick to such a tight budget. So, we brainstormed on alternatives to market our exhibition without spending too much money. Noreen came out with a brilliant idea to hand-make every single poster with paper collage. In addition, she managed to contact the founder of RJ Paper - Jane, who was kind enough to donate their past season and scrap papers, which were all in mint condition, towards the creation of the posters. 
Noreen volunteered to illustrate the Second Life Greater Life artists - rough sketches and layouts to visualize the final outcome
Colour coordination was finalized before cutting them into various shapes
The process of hand-making is particularly charming. The journey from nothing to something required a handful of dedicated minds and good craftmanship to create outstanding artwork. 
Handwritten words and details
The artwork was assembled by Noreen. Then, we carefully glued every piece together.
Between 10am-8pm, we worked non-stop (except time for 2 meals), giving birth to 10 pieces of Second Life Greater Life posters ~ Thank you, Noreen, who to put every resource we had into good use.
Unity is a strength, without the help of Noreen Loh, Jimmy Phua, Serene Wong and Eugene Teo, this would not have happened.  Thank you guys for your kind efforts!
Noreen's Poster
Alan's Poster
Tako's Poster
Waee's Poster