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Today I have a special post to feature a few fashion muses who inspired our recent collection Shadow Classics. These women are very different in age, career, style, and identity. It's exciting to see how the simplest color such as black or white, nurtures diverse chemistry among different characters. So let's start to see the list of our favorite people :)

We created 3 keywords from our fashion muse, hoping this little guide will give you a better idea of what to choose among the massive fashion collections in the market. So if you could pick 3 keywords for your styling choice, what would it be?

Get the Audrey Hepburn inspired look 
Black Ink Cashmere Top S/M (sneak peek for Shadow Classics 3!)

Get the Diana Keaton inspired vest:
Tarmac Black V-Neck Waistcoat/ Vest/ L

"If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment."
"Nobody sees a flower really, it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."- Georgia O'Keeffe

Beautiful quotes that remind us everything takes time to nurture. 

I discover Georgia O'Keeffe through Pinterest browsing one of her handmade white voile tops. I immediately thought that I needed to know who the person behind this intricate top was. It turned out that she sews and mends her own clothes by hand, and this just blew my mind. She is an artist who believes in her personal lifestyle and her philosophy that art should be aligned with daily life. It resonates so much with her work, her space, and the way she dresses and grows old oh-so-gracefully.

Check out Georgia O'Keeffe Inspiring Closet here

Get Georgia O'Keffee inspired look

"Art is an attempt to integrate evil."
"Every female human being is not necessarily a woman."
- Simone de Bovouir
In the past, once an Asian woman marries, she will by default become a housewife, serving the family and her husband for the rest of her life. Simone introduces freedom of thought to our female friends through her books. She is part of the reason why women like you and me can have our own careers and freedom of speech, which was impossible 50 years ago. 

If you're in Singapore and interested to find out about her, her biography book (in Mandarin copy) is now available at Grassroot Bookroom.

Our last muse of the day is Tina Chow, a lady who I adore who pushes the limit of socially accepted dressing for women, dressing differently, sometimes at the borderline. The very fine line of dressing between femininity and masculinity is an art to achieve. Look at how she dresses.

Get Tina Chow inspired look
Charcoal Black Light Weight Cotton Sleeveless Top /M (Sneak peek for Shadow Classics 3!)

Out of these 5 fashion muses, who inspired you the most?
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PS: Shadow Classics Chapter 3 lookbook and products will be released at 8pm, tomorrow. See you at the same place, same space :)

Be your own self-inspired muse,

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