New Launch: Shadow Classics Chapter 1

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced into isolation, repeatedly.

Wings of freedom are being chopped off and the beginnings and ends of isolation never seem to come to an end. Boredom, frustration, and anxiety began to surface regularly. 

Perhaps it's time to travel within "me"?
I can't recall the last time I visited this temple named “me”?
Why am I the one to bother the “me” most at a time like this?

Perhaps my unwillingness to fail, refuses to face the shadow within me.
I see, I struggle, I came back, I doubt, see it again; I face, I cry, I grief, I believe, I accept it all over again.
I accepted even though"me" is not the one I expect to be.

I was once lost in the ocean of impermanence, but now I know I can choose to surf along with it. 
The light and the shadow within me are meant to co-exist.

Shadow Classics comes in 3 chapters, with the total of 27 new items is dedicated to friends who find strength through their struggles, find light in their darkness. Our inevitable journey of self-reflection and back to basics.

Accepting "my" shadow,
Waee Waee

Shahow classics collection is available at Wabisabi Etsy Store, see you there!