New Launch: Shadow Classics Chapter 3

Dear friends,

It's finally Friday :)  The rain hasn't stopped since yesterday midnight, and I am here in front of the computer at 7:45am holding a cup of warm water infused with my dehydrated lemon to start my day. Can't wait to share with you the final chapter of Shadow Classics.

The final chapter is a selection of monochrome outfits (in black) that are made with 100% natural fiber. One of the elegant tops: the Black Ink Cashmere Short Sleeve Top comes in a basic crew neck that is made out of 100% cashmere. If you need to invest in a chic top that "will never grow old", she might just be the one.

Another versatile bottom from our list: Black Ink Silk Pencil Skirt, is not your typical pencil skirtShe is made from 100% silk and comes with 2 side pockets, a back zip opening, and is a lightweight skirt that gives you extra comfort and freedom to style casually or as workwear. 

To pair the shades of black, I've selected a series of accessories with rich and intricate details. 
It's not easy to create a beautiful tote bag that is practical, aesthetically pleasing, and unique. The Charcoal Black Crochet Ring Tote Bag is a hand crochet item with sophisticated detailing, made with 100% cotton, and a perfect size for A4 size documents or an ipad. 

To complete the look, we offer 4 types of earrings in diverse sizes and forms to inject some creative charm into your everyday look. Our personal favorite is the Brown Terrazzo Acrylic Curvy Square Stud Earrings, in a simple form with extraordinary details that will not outshine your outfit. For more styling tips, we uploaded a special post: Pretty Classics to guide you in defining your own classic look.

A recap of all the Shadow Classic collections:

All Shadow Classics collections are now available at Wabisabi Etsy Store

Let's begin the last chapter of Shadow Classics :)

What does black mean to you?
Growing up in an Asian-influenced family, we have an auspicious belief that black (黑) brings death, bad luck and darkness. Therefore you seldom spot black during Chinese New Year or weddings, and we are never allowed to discuss death at the dinner table. 

I can't help to reflect if there is a need to unlearn the opinions about black from my preconceived younger days. What does black mean to me from a non-judgmental point of view? Rationally, we know that there's no right and wrong about "color". It is instead the way we perceive that gives meaning to "color".  And I believe the same is with our life experiences - there are absolutely no right or wrong answers. 

Here's some of my new perspectives about black:
• Limitless
• Infinity
• Silence
• Acceptance
• Embrace

We always have the opportunity to rewrite our preconceived opinions by widening our perspective just like how we embrace our shortcomings wholeheartedly and give room for the new light to shine in. May Shadow Classics provide you with a different lens to repaint your darkest journey in a brand new palette. 

Thank you my friend for keeping up with our Shadow Classic collections. Now it's time to check out our thoughtfully curated Shadow Classics collection at Wabisabi Etsy Store. I am wishing you a calming weekend ahead to rest your mind and feed your soul.

Be kind to your shadow always,
Waee Waee