The Touch of Local Colors

Dear readers,

It's been more than a week without my computer and I've been heavily dependent on my 5 year old  iPhone to do my work. Today, I have another very old SONY laptop (older than my iPhone) to work for me and it will be my savior for the next 3 weeks until the new computer is delivered at the end of September. 

A month ago, I continued with my natural dye project after discovering Jason Logan's video on youtube, I loved how he could forage anything from his surroundings and turn them into ink. His free spirited and experimental soul motivated me to start searching for a color palette that is uniquely Singapore. This is as good as opening a "can of unlimited colors" for someone who can't live without colors. Once I began, I started to see this world through colorful lens and I can't help myself to search for more and more and more...

Here are a few pages of  "inspired inks" from my newly bought Make Ink by Jason Logan, you can also check out his website here. If you like wish to be inspired by his work like I do, he does have an IG account here :)

A book that resonates with your future self will bring you further. 

Here's a little experiment on what I did to discover more colors. From what I picked up from the ground: food waste, seeds, etc.; I see tons of potential in discovering new colors.

Behind the scene of discovering new colors

👆 Making ink from rambutan shells

👆 Blue pea flower ink

👆 Dragon fruit ink

👆 Making ink from mango skin 

👆 Nothing goes to waste,even mold will become part of the color dye

👇 Painting paper and fabric with natural ink

I am a visual person. I am accustomed to communicate with images more than words, hence without the assistance of my images, I become almost "speechless". Most of the images of this project's natural dyes are stored inside my hard disc and I will not be able to share them with you until my new computer arrives at the end of this month. So next week, I'll show you a different technique to create natural dyes plus more sneak peaks into my collaboration with MIUN. 

Seeing colors through a brand new lens,
Waee Waee