One letter at a time: Make every drop of dragon fruit count

Dear friends,

How are you today?

Thank you for staying with me.

Last week, I mentioned about the 21 days abundance meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra. This challenge has helped me to develop a clear sustainable path on where I'm heading to and also gave me plenty of "me time" to visualize of how I would want to create my own abundance in the near future and how to bring my dreams to life.

One of the practices is to embrace new ways of sharing my abundance with others, and I was considering if I could give back with a sustainable twist.

The essence of #oneletteratatime:

writing one letter at a time
creating one letter at a time
mailing one letter at a time

The aim of #oneletteratatime movement is to:
• spread love
• embrace the flow
• embrace flaws/ not afraid to make mistakes
• embrace new ways of doing things

By doing everything manually with hand, one at a time
By writing every kind word that will uplift someone's life
By beginning a movement that will help to spread the love

If you want to join the #oneletteratatime movement and don't know how to start, I have a letter template here to share.

For my giveaways, I would like to use this opportunity to make something with a sustainable twist, so here are my ingredients:
• inspirational quotes (spread love)
• collaboration with nature (embrace the flow)
• leave no waste in the process, even if I made a mistake (embrace the flaws)
• send my mail with paper scraps + mistakes (embrace new ways of doing things)

The nature element which I collaborated is my current obsession - natural dye from plants and food waste. I enjoy the process of how papers read "memory" from water and transfer them into a dye. These moments are full of grace and are an effortless flow, dancing in the rhythm of nature.

So, let's see how's this process begins.

The handmade pandan paper is a collaboration between Wabisabi and happydoory. You can learn how to make your own handmade paper from scraps from happydoory.

 If you like her paperwork, feel free to commission her to customize your own handmade paper, you can also follow her doodle, diary and craft at her Instagram

Happy days start with happy paper-making!~

Upcoming post: One letter at a time: Make every drop of blue pea count

See you on next Thursday!~

Leave no waste,
Waee Waee


cuishan said…
Hi! I have recently chanced upon your Instagram and love it’s content and your blog! Especially love the handmade envelopes that you have made for #oneletteratatime. Wondering whether you will be sharing with us the process of making the envelopes? Thank you!
Hello cuishan! (wave hand) Thank you for leaving your lovely comment here :) , All the details/making/ process of #oneletteratatime will be sharing on my blog every Thursday, for the envelope, I'll be sharing on 21st May, 8pm. I am wishing you a great day ahead and hoping you will start sending your friends one letter at a time very soon! (Do tag me in your post if you did, so excited to see :) )
cuishan said…
(waves back) ahh shall wait patiently for it and yes, hoping to spread this nice movement to my friends too! :) thank you very much for sharing all these with us!
Thank you for having the thought of spreading kindness, that's how I get myself started too :) It's my pleasure to share with people like you who still find the charm of making things with hand. Your hands can make wonders ~_^.