One letter at a time: Make every paper count

Dear friends,

Welcome to the final post of my one-letter-at-a-time series.

It's been a month since I began this project and hopefully, the seeds of the #oneletteratatime movement have inspired those who were reading to start making something with hands and pairing with positive words to encourage their loved ones during this stay home period.

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The last part of this project is to make an envelope with leftover papers by patching them together. I made a total of 13 envelopes mainly from scraps and was ready to send them to my friends in Singapore and overseas.

I like how every scrap has its own unique shape, patching them together to become a new lease of life. It's full of character and stories. I selected a list of my friends who I think would like to receive a handwritten letter, and I randomly selected an envelope + inspirational quotes to pair them with.

As a designer, I am very particular about the overall aesthetic of any project that I am working on. Even simple things like the type of stamps that I use to mail to my friends, need to carry a subtle sustainable message - reconnect with nature.
Again, do feel free to try this project or share this with your friends who you feel might like to experiment on their own too.

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Thank you for reading this far.

I'll see you next Thursday.

Mailing you my love,
Waee Waee