One letter at a time

Dear friends,

Good morning, how was your day?
Ever since I took part in the 21 days abundance meditation challenge by Deepak Chopra, it had changed the way I see, receive and be grateful for all the intangible things around me.

If I want to tap on my "superpowers" to spread abundance to my friends during this stay home period, what can I do?

I've been storing piles and piles of leftover papers and have also collected daily food waste. It's time to collaborate these two, to make something out of them, because paper can store "memories". One movie which had touched my heart deeply - The Miracles of Namiya General Store suddenly popped into my head. It is a story showing how each of us is connected in many miraculous ways and how our actions can change someone else's life through simple letters.

By doing everything manually by hand, one at a time
By writing every kind word that will uplift someone's life
By beginning a movement that will help to spread love

That's how #oneletteratatime began

writing one letter at a time
crafting one letter at a time
mailing one letter at a time

To anyone who would love to join this movement, I will be more than happy to share my letter templates here for you to start spreading your love.

Dear (name),
How are you doing?
It's about time for me to spread my abundance with you during this stay home period. To me, receiving a handwritten letter is as happy as receiving a gift. Therefore, the #oneletteratatime movement was created to motivate the people around me to create things with their hands + a sprinkle of encouraging words and to mail them to the people who they care. 

The end product is not important but the joyful process of making it and how this simple act can bring sunshine to your friends, families, neighbours/ strangers is very delightful. It cheers your soul while brightening others. 

If you like my idea, do start sending a self-made gift + your kind words.

Remember kindness is LIMITLESS.

PS: Do share your story at #oneletteratatime to inspire others to also give back

(your name)

你好吗?我想是时候把我的喜悦在stay home的期间分享出去。收到手写的书信和收到礼物的心情是同等开心的,所以#oneletteratatime 这个平台是用来鼓励大家在这段时间用自己的双手创造有温度的作品+文字感染你身边在乎的朋友。

作品不求完美,主要是在制作的过程中可以用自己的双手创作,把温暖带给你很久不见的家人,朋友, 邻居甚至是陌生人。当你点燃别人的生命时;同时也照亮了自己。


Kindness is LIMITENESS

ps: 欢迎在ig分享你的分享#oneletteratatime 故事   


In the month of May, I'll be posting weekly every Thursday to share the process behind making my letters from waste. There will be a total of 3 parts and hope you will enjoy the process as much as I did :) Here, I have a sneak peek to my upcoming post :)

I'll see you next Thursday :)

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Again, thank you for reading until this far.

Kindness is contagious,
Waee Waee