Color Story: Slow | Heal | Chill

Dear friends,

Today it's the final week of Singapore's lockdown (counting down 4 more days), how did you spend your stay home time? Have you gotten used to the rhythm of slow and savouring the moment of silence?

I enjoy walking to the nearest park in the afternoons as I listen to birds sing. When the grass is left uncut, they seem to attract more insects and butterflies to fill the park space with new lives and colours. 

And I also enjoy the now more expansive space to walk around outdoors, without grazing each other's shoulders.

Before we return to the regular rhythm of fast,  here's 4 colour stories to gradually get you back to the regular momentum and be ready for a fresh start.  

Color diary 11:

Counting down 4 days... 
The photo was taken during my vacation in Tainan, Taiwan, and it resonated with my current mood - SLOW

the photo was taken at Bao'an Road, Tainan

Color diary 12:

Counting down 3 days... 
Surround yourself with these colour palettes to evoke a sense of celebration to thank yourself for going through a tough period during this lockdown. (you deserve to be loved by you)

photo was taken at Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson
Color diary 12:

Counting down 2 days... 
Stay chill with these calming colour palettes, relax your body, mind and soul and let your body rest well throughout the day.

photo was taken at Paripari apt.
Color diary 13:

Counting down 1 day... 
Time to prepare your working outfit, accessories, mask, stationery and bag according to these colour palettes the day before. These colour tones will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

photo was taken at Paripari apt.

If you wonder why I created this series of the colour stories in my blog,  this link will point you to how I began.

Colours can talk, heal and time travel.
Here's the rest of the colour stories to bring you to where you want to be.

Be the colours you wish to be,
Waee Waee