Colour Story: Nostalgia

Dear friends,
What is your favourite colour?
I spoke to one of my friends recently and showed her a random colour palette that I did for fun. I wasn't even sure whether they are "proper" enough to appear in my blog. Her reply was rather encouraging when I asked what I can do with this colour palette thingy? She said colours reminded her to be always happy as there was a point in her life where she felt so lost in her life, that she only wore black, black and nothing but black.
Someone like me, who always surrounded myself with colours, never imagined that colours can actually be a powerful tool to fill someone's life with joy.
So, here I am sharing my very first colour palette with you, featuring my collection from the places that I travelled. 
My first colour story - Nostalgia. Colours that brings you back to the good old days, the mosaic playground, and the Haw Par Villa theme park. These are the precious memories which we cherish as when we grow older. It reminds us to be playful, bold, fun and fearless, to become who we really want to be.

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"Colours are the smiles of nature."
- James Hendry Leigh Hunt

Tonnes of rainbows,