"Impermanence of nature" mask project launch

Dear friends,

It's the 2nd week of September.

This August has been a very busy month for me. I realized when I hit 40 years old, I am no longer good at coping with multiple tasks (with high stress levels) all at once.

For things that come with unexpected routine, I tense too easily, stress over it and hold on to it for days, sometimes weeks. I snack more than before, and have an unlimited capacity for food. The super fast momentum in my mind, always looking for "new" things to stimulate myself so that I could forget the anxiety for a few minutes or hours. These are the sign of being OVER STRESSED. 

Still,I am looking for ways to surf in a wavy ocean of thoughts.

Last weekend, I finally unloaded my job load and worries. Now, I calmly sit and am crafting this post with a cup of Ice Thai Milk Tea. I'm glad to have began enjoying my slow-mo pace, a pace where I can do anything in slow-mo, a space which I am not held accountability for things which are beyond my control (which I know but can't seem to practice often). There is a distance between knowing and practicing something, and I am just beginning to walk on that path.

Latest update for my first bundle dye project in collaboration with Miun. Using what I eat daily like locally sourced fruits and flowers to color dye natural fibers such as silk and cotton. 

15th September 2020 is the date of the Impermanence of nature mask launching (which is my first collaboration with my talented friend Noreen aka Miun). If you wish for a piece of our collaborated artwork, they are now available at Itto+LIM

PS: Natural dye doesn't repeat, therefore each mask is uniquely unique.

Uniquely nature🌱,

Waee Waee

photo credit: Miun