"Impermanence of nature" mask project (teaser)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 

Movement was restricted, people were anxious,

Waee wanted to create something that warmed people’s heart

Therefore, she started the #oneletteratatime movement

Letters (envelopes) that are made from scrap papers

Letters (words) that will warm the hearts of people

Letters (papers) dip-dyed paper using food waste

With the hope that her friends will ripple this movement to their friends

Instead, she received abundant replies from her friends

From food to a mushroom cap, from postcards and well wishes

Which was way beyond anything that she expected

With her first natural dye with paper,she wanted to experiment more with textile,

That’s when she stepped further into mending and natural dye-ing Miun’s Jacket 

To prolong and give Miun’s jacket a beautiful second lease of life

One day, she heard this interesting idea from Miun...


A project born from the use of food to color textile leftovers

And that’s how the collaboration miun x waee is formed

Using 100% natural ingredients to bundle dye every piece of textile waste

And made into masks with much effort and love, one mask at a time

PS: Masks will be available for sale at Itto+LIM from 15th Sep onwards

Details of the bundle dye experiment will be shared after I get my new computer, hopefully before the end of September.