Moving forward x natural dye

Dear friends,

Do you have dreams that you think it's impossible to achieve?
If you have been reading my blog from the very beginning, it's been a year since I started updating on a weekly basis.  For those who did, I would like to give you a big virtual "hug" and thank you for your epic presence :) If you just found out about my blog today, I'll also be happy to give you a welcome "hug" to welcome you to this place where you are able to connect with unlimited sustainable ideas.

1 year prior, I had wanted to try blogging weekly to see how it feels like, and a year has passed and I know clearly that weekly blogging does not work for me. So, from now on, I will do it once a month to publish more in-depth topics instead of just rushing something out every week and at times trying just too hard to ensure I have something to post (which was against why I started Wabisabi). I wish for this blog to be a safe place for the readers to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.

"Clarity comes from engagement, not thought."
- Marie Forloe

Your answer will surface when you start to place all your thoughts into action (it is that simple). It took me so long to realize, and it's also the secret of how dreams become reality (clarity). Not all dreams will work in real life and it is perfectly fine if certain things that you thought might work, failed at the end after you've tried (leave no regrets; leave no "what ifs"). 

I had a long list of what I wanted to do when I started Wabisabi and natural dye was one of them. I had tonnes of fear even before I started to explore this topic, perhaps my mind managed to convince me that I will dive in too much too deep (like I used to do) and lose myself in the topic. Because of that, I dared not dabble into this topic but allowed it to remain as just a "thought". Wait the minute, is that true?

There is something that I couldn't figure out. Where is the source of my fear?
Did I carry this from previous trauma?

I was told very often: 
"Who do you think you are?" 
"You can never be great."
"You don't deserve to be loved."

I choose to ignore those words and carry on my life, but deep down in my subconscious mind, I believed in all those words and did not think that I am worth to own a new skill, and eventually find my own happiness. Because if I am unhappy, I will upset someone else (and not be loved). It sounds utterly silly. I had to go through so many self-reflections to allow these answers to surface. 

"Nothing can be changed until it is faced."
- James Baldwin

 So, I made a mental switch to create a new mantra in my mind
"I am enough."
"I am worthy."
"I am loved"

It took so much time for me to truly believe in this mantra and eventually shifted my mindset. These words begin to inject new momentum into me to begin a project that I was too "afraid" to explore. I have started exploring natural dyes in June 2020 and now I am still having so much joy just to sit and experiment with these processes on paper. 

"Two steps forward, no steps back."
- Queer Eye

Here are the natural dye processes (with one of my self-portraits) to share with you:

photo credit: Miun

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Thank you for reading till here. 

I don't know whether it is with our Asian culture or society, it is always easy to thank the people around us, but we always forget to thank ourselves. 

Now let us take time to thank ourselves. 

I thank myself for not giving up on chasing my dream and bringing it into reality. Trying my very best to weekly blog for a full year, I am now looking forward to the change with a happy and excited mindset. And I also thank myself for taking the time to communicate with my inner child to conquer the fears of being great in what I love to do.

"Dreams don't work unless you do"
- John C. Maxwell

I thank myself for never stopping to love myself.
And I thank you for loving yourself too, just the way you are.

Catch up with you again next month (hugs),
Waee Waee