Naturally Blue

Dear friends,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 🌝
Today is 15th August in the lunar calendar, and it's also a tradition for Chinese to reunite mid-year, catching up with each other after Chinese New Year. When the night falls, adults will be chilling outdoors, brewing tea, tasting mooncakes, and admiring the brightest moon of the year. For kids, they will gather with their friends and neighbors, walking around in the neighborhood with a lantern (as their torchlight) to find their own spot to admire the moon on their own.

Finally received my computer last week, and spent many nights re-arranging (still arranging) my 40k of photos. "Naturally Blue" is the collection which I shall post in early September. 

I love how the color blue gives me a peace of mind, a sense of security when I see and wear it. They are so forgiving for all skin tones and wardrobes, and it's probably one of the few colors which you could hardly go wrong with. There are 7 outfits, all in natural fibers such as cotton and linen. With 5 unique accessories to match the collection, the Kinchaku bags and earrings to complete the look.

These are all available at my Etsy store now, click here to find out more about my blue :)


For once in a blue moon, enjoy its brightness

Waee Waee