Dear Friends,

How have you been?
I've taken a longer time than usual to consolidate my content for this month. This is a special month for me as it is my birthday month and it also marks my 41st year of footprints on Mother Earth. If you happen to have your birthday also in September, Happy Birthday to you too :)

"Harvest" from nature
In 2021, The mid-autumn festival (中秋節) falls on 21st September where it's the day when we reunite with our family and "harvest" the brightest full moon of the year. It's a special day to reconnect with our loved ones and celebrate our hard work which began at the beginning of the year. 

Harvest on Wabisabi seeds
This month has also been a month of abundance for me as I begin to harvest more and more positive feedbacks from friends who supported Wabisabi. As the owner of Wabisabi, I am truly grateful for the people who are generous with their words and to let me understand their shopping experience with Wabisabi (you know who you are!). Your support has been an unstoppable drive for me to continue improving. With a renewed motivation, I will continue to improve myself and share more with all of you.

This has been a month of harvest filled with truckloads of gratitude.

Here's an update of my journey this month:

1. Gift Wrapping
Last month, I ran out of ideas on what else to use for wrapping.
But luckily, I managed to tap on the resource of wrappings created for my Wabisabi customers. So thanks to them, I can utilize additional variations of wrapping styles to make their day :)

This month, I have a special series that makes use of pre-loved clothing as a medium to wrap daily household items.  It was an idea that came up from my stroll one windy day when I had an extra sweater and a mobile phone on hand. It was an idea to create a wrap that will transform my sweater into a "temporary bag" for my mobile phone. And that one idea just sprouted further...

2. Natural Dye
Natural ink experiment on seasonal fruit-mangosteen
Experiment 1:

Experiment 2:

The final result is not as smooth as I thought it would be, perhaps it's time to invest in another tool to create a smoother ink.

3. Needlework
I have been practicing a lot on how to make these handmade buttons from scratch. After affixing all the handmade buttons to their rightful positions, I was still not happy with their finishing.  Being the perfectionist me, that meant that I will re-make every single button to achieve a neater finishing. Well, practice makes perfect.

4. Illustration
Combining the previous practice, I thought I would take a stab to illustrate my first self-portrait, to find out where my skill level is. The next skill that I wish to work on shall be focused on face proportion, eyebrows, and hair. 

That's all for my September update, the balance between being kind to myself and continual improvement on my skills. 

"Honor the hands that harvest your crops."
-Dolores Huerta

Thank you my friend, for being a part of the Wabisabi harvesting journey :)

Grateful Harvester,
Waee Waee