Post Chinese New Year Wrap: Cycle of Mandarin Oranges

Hello Readers,

Welcome to my bonus blog update! 2 weeks ago in my monthly blog, I promised to share a mandarin oranges series and how to decor/wrap/use them to the last drop. While celebrating the biggest holiday of the year, we should fully utilize (and also reduce wastage) the representative fruit for Chinese New Year - Mandarin Oranges. 

As we all know, unwanted waste is inevitable during celebrations. After holiday celebrations, we start throwing decorative ornaments as we know we will purchase new ones next year. Buying and throwing seem like a "bad cycle" that we can never get rid of, but it is something that we can consciously prevent. Like Mandarin Oranges - just buy sufficient oranges to eat and to exchange.

Today, we will be sharing over 20 ideas on how to decor, wrap and use mandarin oranges with things that are readily available at home. We can make a huge difference to the environment (at the same time, saving lots of $$$) by using some simple stuff from our house (scroll down to find out more). 

Are you ready to make every drop of mandarin orange count? Let's scroll :)

(Your Favorite) bowl
Decorate with your favorite bowl, you can even decorate on the orange surface like an art installation. The key is to have fun throughout the process.

Fruit net
The waterproof net is the simplest solution to carry your Mandarin Oranges. 

Wooden butter bucket
A fun tag will transform this into a gift 

Banana Stem
If you know how to weave, a banana stem is a great resource to make baskets. We weaved this into a mini basket that mandarin oranges will fit nicely.
This is a very simple macrame that you can customize with any string laying in your house (we would be happy if you wish for a tutorial on this craft! Just write to us!)

String x Net
Printed tissue paper

Foam fruit net

A piece of cloth

Pillow case
Dehydrated fruits are versatile. You can eat the whole thing (even the skin), use it for desserts, fizzy drinks, and many more... 

Make a greeting card with orange skin (it smells so good!)
Make them into paper to prevent pests 

It's a wrap! The full cycle of mandarin oranges is complete. As we are unable to be involved in the seeding to the fruiting process because of where we're at, we should take responsibility to make good use of these oranges the moment we purchase them. We aim to leave no trace by making every orange count. 

From the farmers who grow the oranges, the people who deliver them from point A to point B, the supermarket seller who arrange them nicely, we are buying more than just oranges - but instead the good energy from these people. May these good energies transfer to you and keep you in a good cycle.

With gratitude,
Waee Waee