Hello Friends,

It's been a month since the last time we met (in the blog). How has your new year started off? Have you decided on what type of seeds to grow in your own garden? If not, you can read my previous post: LIFE CYCLE OF TREE: SEED to give you some guidance and to get yourself motivated!

I have a total of 5 seeds (goals) which I want to grow in my garden of knowledge. This month is a seeding month, which I will build up my foundation one step at a time to allow something to grow.

Here are some updates on what I did to journey towards my humble goal.

1. Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping gave me so much joy and I want to do it in a "guilt-free" way that will not cost much wastage to our environment. When I googled for eco-friendly/ zero waste wrappings on the internet, I found similar material and wrapping ideas. This gave me an idea to start a platform that provides several ideas with mixed medium items found at home and from leftovers to create a greener wrapping.  I have started a new Instagram account (on 1st Jan 2021)-wabisabi.wrap to update my wrapping ideas on daily basics, planned for the year ahead. 

There is work from the past and current ideas, and I just did a series of 20 ideas for the Chinese New Year celebration period, on how to wrap and make use of every part of mandarin oranges.  It's easy to create waste unknowingly during celebrations. For this year, I believe we could make things a little bit greener by injecting a "full cycle" spirit to use everything to minimize waste.

If you are keen to find out about mandarin oranges wrapping, stay tuned this Friday 5th Feb 2021 at wabisabi.wrap. Below is a sneak peek for you readers!

2. Natural Dye

I've started a natural dye journal to consolidate my research and experiments on locally found botanical plants. Below is one of my natural dye experiments on Rambutan.

3. Needlework

My first practice on needlework is to practice one of my favorite stitches: The Chain Stitch. It is important to start something that you like, in order to maintain the momentum of your practice. Below, is a dress that is entirely mended with only a chain stitch, still a work in progress. Hopefully, it will be ready within a month. Wish me luck!

4. Pattern Drafting

For many days, I had been reading books regarding pattern drafting and sewing to figure out my Number #1 project to refresh my skills. And I did happen to sell a dress that needed a lot of repairing work. I thought I only needed to dismantle the waistline and redo the sewing, but my OCD will not allow my customer to own a dress with many raw edges that will eventually tear. So I decided to dismantle the entire dress. By joining back the bit and pieces, I studied my other vintage dresses and figured out different joining methods to achieve a neater finish. And when I joined them piece by piece, it sort of refreshed my memory and confidence to piece everything together in the correct sequence to form a dress.

I did not know that I could actually re-learn the art of pattern drafting and sewing again by dismantling instead of creating. What a great discovery it was indeed!

5. Illustration

I still have not started with this, but I will find the time very soon to get it started.

Lastly, the latest launch in my Wabisabi shop

Seeding Love

Love is special and unique because each of us has a different interpretation of love.

The Seeding Love is a series of outfits that we will find warmth and feel close to our hearts. 

(They are now available at our Etsy store!!)

Imagine a bright, cheerful friend in calming blue or colorful prints. 

They are the seeds of love in our lives; someone whom we can open up our hearts to share our intimate stories; someone who will always be willing to lend you a hand.

Do you have such a friend in your life?

And THAT friend is yourself.

Seed the love to love yourself more, beginning today.

Lovely Chinese New Year and Loving Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Tag a friend whom you feel can love himself/ herself more.

*Upcoming blog on 4th March: Life Cycle of  Tree: Sprouting

Let love grow,

Waee Waee