Dear friends,

My iMac crashed yesterday morning but I managed to retrieve my data and photos this afternoon. The technician told me it was time to purchase a new one. Yeah, it has been 7 years since I bought my iMAC. In technology standard, mine was considered very old. I had 4 MAC books previously. Bought my 1st one 15 years ago and it is still working till today but the rest broke down 2-5 years after use. As I had more and more photos and data to save, it got me thinking about how fragile “technology” has become. Meanwhile, it also forced me to simplify and streamline my blogging content.

Without a computer, this is the first time crafting my blog post using an iphone and I have no idea how it will look on your screen. So bear with me for these few weeks till I come up with a solution. 

No tech, means I can spend more time with my bare hands. Recently I’ve been experimenting with natural dye in a project. Can’t wait to share the details with you. Just like my cranky iMac, natural dye is always changing due to weather, temperature and humidity.  

Here’s a sneak peak on my upcoming project collaboration with Miun, so stay tuned for more details in upcoming posts! :)

Stay calm,

Waee Waee