Wabisabi: Embracing flaws

Dear friends,

Today, I'll share with you the beginning of my journey of embracing my flaws with Wabisabi

Looking back 5 years ago
Broken trust led me to the edge of insanity
I was armed with thorns inside out
They hurt others and bleed me
Helplessness, sadness and hatred go to bed with me every night

Words linger in my head; these were the quotes which I registered in my head a long time ago
"I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons,
knocking on a door. 
It opens.
I've been knocking from the inside."

Till then, I had no idea what Rumi meant by "the inside"
Throughout my life, I never knew "it" existed
I collapsed almost every now and then
Tears became my utter mundane
I tried hard to talk to friends about it
But I can't help feeling sad again

For the first time in my life
I isolated myself for 12 days
With only silence and myself all the way
I began to see how broken I am from "the inside"
And realised that I am the only person who annoys myself the most
Tears came
And this time I cried with love and forgiveness
To the inner child, I've been badly hurt
My disconnected soul is the source of all problems
So what shall I do to make things work again?

I wanted to do something meaningful with my own hands
I left the fashion industry many years back
Maybe it's time to start all over again
Giving it a second chance, for something I used to care
A brand was created to embrace second life, just like my life story

But what should I name my brand?
J came to my place for the first time
He spoke about his hairstylist who has a wabi-sabi garden
I asked: What is wabi-sabi?
He said: Embrace the flow of nature and see things as it is
Immediately I knew
This was the name I wish to have
I want to keep this as a reminder for myself to embrace my flaws 
Through this process of becoming an entrepreneur
From perfection to wabi-sabi 
A painful task to change

Human nature is born with flaws
It's fortunate to understand this while I am alive
Even though the process is full of agony and hate
I now have the opportunity to feel others' pain

Our society pushes us to be perfect
It's not ok not to behave the same
Instant gratification makes us great
At the same time, it makes us hate
Why am I not good enough for the game we now play
Non-stop judgement on each others' pain
What's next is what we aim
A never-ending chasing game

You have the choice to change the game 
Finding ways that will reconnect with the "inside you"
Know your flaws
Know what suits you best
Accept them wholeheartedly
Clarity is the recipe to be unique

You and I are so different and yet so the same
Our connectedness is intertwined in unbelievable ways
This must resonate with you in some way
To make you sit and read till this end
And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention spent

To all broken souls
I would say the same to my younger self:
You are fucking stronger than you think you are

Coming up next Thursday: Wabisabi: What is wabi-sabi? 

You deserve love 💕,
Waee Waee