Waee Waee is my Mum given name. I was raised in a very rural village in Kuala Sungei Baru, Malacca.
Am currently juggling roles as a wife and a fashion up-cyclist.

  • The picture was taken under a passion fruit canopy at my grandmother's home in Kuala Sg. Baru
As an up-cyclist, I salvage used and unwanted clothing, then hand-wash one apparel at a time and mend them, giving them a new lease of life.
Old clothes are like unpolished diamonds, waiting for their opportunity to shine!
I turn trash into treasure to remind people the uniqueness about embracing their imperfect true self.
  • Treasure hunt at one of the clothing landfills in Malaysia
For myself and for the environmentally conscious consumer.
For people who understand the importance of loving themselves as much as they care for Mother Nature.
 I salvage unwanted clothing from landfills and thrift stores and I find that the word WABI-SABI holds the same essence to my personal belief.
This word begins with a capital "W", just like my given name and it's a word that embraces and summarizes the imperfect, the impermanent, the incomplete and all things intangible. 
ONE? Because, every piece comes in one size, one design looking for that "one" special owner.



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